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  • Will George 82lbs
  • Stuart Hobkirk 65lb 8 oz
  • Steve Malone 63lb 12oz
  • Rick Harris 62lb
  • Martin Quayle 61lb
  • Kevin Knowles 61lb
  • Mark Allan 60lb
  • Jamie Dunn 52lb

Lac Les Pins - One of the most prestigious Big Carp Fishing Venues in France  - pay us a visit and you will not want to go anywhere else.


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Now entering our 13th Season

We are three Partners who discovered this idyllic haven after searching long and hard for 5 years to find a dream lake in the perfect location. We have worked tirelessly over the past 7 years, dealing with French Beaurocracy and the language barrier, not to mention all the physical work that maintaining a lake such as this demands.  

It is very hard work being a Fishery owner, and each year, when the Season is over, we reinvest  by spending time, energy and money on new equipment or services to share with our Anglers, and to enhance the lake and make it even better.   But it is all worth it, now we really feel we are in Paradise.
Lac Les Pins Carp Fishing Lake In France

Some of you will have heard of Colin Nash, who has over 45 years knowledge and experience in catching large carp, and has appeared in many of the well known fishing magazines over the years, exhibiting his outstanding catches. If you need assistance, Colin will be on hand to offer his expert advice on strategies and techniques, and his meals are legendary - all freshly cooked.  Along with his two Partners, Barry and Christine, each offering their own unique professional expertise in the overall running of the business, this all goes to make it the success that it is.  We have established ourselves as one of the most respected of the premiere fishing venues in the Limousin region of France.

Whether you are a well seasoned angler or a novice on your first fishing trip, you can be assured of a very warm and friendly welcome, with superb facilities and great fishing. We would like to invite you to come along and share this fantastic fishing experience.

We own and run our own fishery, with specially selected carp from reputable farmers. Each and every fish that has been put in our lake has been recorded, so we know exactly what is likely to be caught.

We have one of the best stocks of large Carp in France, so don't expect to catch much under 25lbs, as we are NOT an easy runs water where you are up all night catching lots of small fish.  This is specifically for the enthusiastic and dedicated anglers wishing to catch large carp, and sometimes you will need a lot of patience, but the rewards are great.   We are looking at the quality of the fish, and we like to give our anglers a challenge, with a bit of fight on their hands. This is real fishing at its best.  

We have heard many stories from anglers who have been subjected to unfulfilled promises and extremely poor facilities. Unlike those others, we do not make promises which we can not deliver, as we are a fully insured and registered fishery, and are subject to checks by the authorities that we conform to all standard regulations. Many lakes charge for all sorts of hidden extras, so you end up paying a lot more. We are still one of the best and cheapest All Inclusive Carp lakes in France, so be assured that the one price you pay is ALL you pay for everything we offer in the package. We believe in offering a first class level of service, with totally satisfied customers all leaving with a desire to return.

So come along and visit us in Paradise, if you want a real fishing adventure with large Carp, an exceptional value for money package, and excellent service - we promise you will not be disappointed.

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