• Will George 82lbs
  • Stuart Hobkirk 65lb 8 oz
  • Steve Malone 63lb 12oz
  • Rick Harris 62lb
  • Martin Quayle 61lb
  • Kevin Knowles 61lb
  • Mark Allan 60lb
  • Jamie Dunn 52lb

Weekly Fish Log for Lac Les Pins

Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 26th Jun 2010 - Sat 24th Jul 2010 2 11 2 15 34lb
Sorry for lack of updates lately. We had no-one on the lake last week of June and most of July, we think due to the World Cup, and other lakes have stated the same. Maybe it was a good thing, because the temperatures have been so blisteringly hot that the carp went into deep water, probably eating more of the natural food rather than the bait, therefore fishing has been particularly slow. Cooler conditions towards the end of last week produced a few good sized carp. Graham Dunn and his son Jamie visited us for a couple of weeks during this time, and we also had a couple of friends over. 44lb 8oz caught by Graham Dunn 40lb also caught by Graham Dunn Also 36lb 8oz, 36lb, 35lb 8oz, 35lb 34lb x 3, 32lb, 32lb Common, 31lb 4oz, 31lb, And 25lb 8oz, 25lb.
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 19th Jun 2010 - Sat 26th Jun 2010 3 8 1 1 13 36 lb
YET ANOTHER LAKE RECORD - We welcomed two new anglers to the lake this week from Battle in East Sussex. The first few days started great with Dave Rose landing another brilliant new lake record of 63lb, with the weather starting to recover from the awful rain of the previous week. But by Wednesday, scorching heat to 35 degrees switched the carp off from feeding, and there was little activity for the rest of the week. They still managed a good haul of 13 carp equating to 463lb. 63lb caught by Dave Rose 43lb also by Dave Rose along with 39lb 5oz, 35lb 5oz, 35lb, 34lb 8oz and 29lb 4oz, 27lb 4oz, 22lb 8oz.
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 12th Jun 2010 - Sat 19th Jun 2010 6 29 4 1 40 35 lb
Absolutely foul weather, at one stage for 24 hours non stop, so our poor guys - 4 from Norwich and 2 from Oxford, spent Wednesday in the Lodge with the TV. At least the fishing was better than the England matches with a tremendous 40 carp caught with a total of 1,394.58lb.... - 57lb 12oz caught by Glynn Nicholls, 46lb caught by Mick Nicholls, 43lb 12oz caught by Steve Malone, 42lb caught by Glynn Nicholls, 40lb 4oz caught by Ian Hanner..... Also - 39lb 12oz, 39lb 4oz, 38lb 8oz x 2, 38lb 6oz, 38lb 2oz, 37lb 14oz, 37lb 12oz, 36lb 8oz x 2, 36lb 4oz, 36lb, 35lb 8oz, 34lb 8oz x 4, 34lb 4oz, 33lb 8oz x 3, 33lb x 2, 32lb 8oz, 32lb, 31lb 12oz, 30lb 12oz, 30lb..... And - 28lb x 2, 26lb 12oz, 26lb, 25lb, 22lb 8oz, 20lb 4oz Another fabulous week's fishing for our guys - shame the weather was so horrendous, but they all excelled despite nature's furies.
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 5th Jun 2010 - Sat 12th Jun 2010 2 23 3 1 29 30 lb
Rain, rain, rain and more rain with the intermittent storm and a few sunny intervals, but the carp loved it. A new 50lb was caught by Graham Dunn from Kent. He came over on the 22nd May for 1 week's holiday, but stayed another two weeks because he loved it so much. He will be coming again in July, and also in September - he has a very understanding wife, we did not think he was going home at all. But we loved having you Graham, especially Baz, he says he will get a bit of peace now!! Graham actually did not catch many for 2 of the weeks - he caught a 39lb 8oz, 34lb 4oz, 37lb 8oz, and 34lb, and lost a few, but he picked up steam this week to net a stunning 17 carp in all. We had two other new anglers to the lake - Brian Francis and his son James from Essex, who also had a fabulous week, and will definitely be back next year. 29 Carp caught in all this week amounting to 861.26lb. Lost a few. 50lb - Graham Dunn, 42lb - Graham Dunn, 41lb 10oz - Graham Dunn, 40lb 2oz - Brian Francis . Also - 39lb 8oz, 38lb 8oz, 37lb 8oz, 37lb 4oz, 37lb x 2, 35lb 2oz, 35lb, 34lb 12oz, 34lb 4oz, 34lb 3oz, 34lb x 2, 33lb 8oz, 32lb 8oz x 2, 32lb 4oz, 32lb 3oz, 31lb 12oz, 31lb 8oz, 30lb 12oz, 30lb 2oz, 30lb And - 29lb 2oz, 28lb 8oz. Another great week from Lac les Pins.
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 29th May 2010 - Sat 5th Jun 2010 2 17 2 1 1 23 37.5 lb
We welcomed 4 new lads from Surrey this week, and it started slow with rain for 5 days, then turned to blazing heat. A little weight lost after spawning, and Bazza's Bush in the Bay produced the most carp. But another fabulous week with great catches yet again. Around 12 Carp lost, so it could have been an amazing week. Nathan Rising celebrated his fantastic catch list with “champers” on Barby Night - great bunch of lads. 61lb 8oz caught by Nathan Rising - 54lb also caught by Nathan Rising and 45lb 4oz again caught by Nathan Rising. 41lb 2oz caught by Stewart Hunt. Together with 39lb 1oz, 38lb 7oz, 38lb 4oz, 37lb 7oz, 37lb, 36lb 3oz, 36lb 2oz, x 2, 36lb, 35lb 8oz, 35lb 7oz, 34lb 2oz, 34lb, 32lb 3oz, 31lb 2oz, 30lb 2oz x 2 and 25lb 6oz, 25lb 1oz. A total of 852.30 lb. Absolutely astounding averages.
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 22nd May 2010 - Sat 29th May 2010 2 17 6 1 1 27 38.5 lb
ANOTHER LAKE RECORD - 62LB 8OZ - This is turning out to be an amazing year at Lac Les Pins with another fantastic week after a slowish start. First couple of days were blazing hot, with not much feeding going on due to start of spawning, then it cooled down with a thunderstorm and a few days of rain. Then it hit the big time again with another lake record of 62lb 8oz, and another new 50lb'er. So 28 Carp caught totalling 1,027.60lb.--62lb 8oz caught by a newcomer to Lac Les Pins - Tony Holland. -- 50lb went to another newcomer - Eric Chan-Pensley 47lb 8oz, 44lb 12oz, 44lb 8oz, 44lb, 41lb 12oz, 40lb. Also 38lb 12oz x 2, 38lb Common, 37lb 6oz Common, 37lb, 36lb 4oz x 3, 35lb 8oz, 35lb 4oz x 2, 34lb 4oz, 32lb 8oz, 32lb 4oz x 3, 30lb 8oz. And 28lb, 25lb 12oz. - A tremendous week for our new guys, and they will be back.
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 8th May 2010 - Sat 15th May 2010 2 14 9 25 36 lb
Our two guys from Liverpool finally arrived after having to cancel their trip in April because of the Volcanic Ash problem. Baz was invited to fish for 2 days, so he set his rods up Monday and Tuesday. He was well chuffed as he caught his personal best of 42lb, along with six other great catches - brilliant for two days fishing. The other guys Steve and Mick faired just as well, and altogether 25 carp were banked with 7 lost. A great catch for 2 guys (+ a little one). They are back in September for a few more lumps. Weather was still a bit nippy, but nothing like the week before. Largest was 49lb 8oz caught by Steve McCarthy, 42lb 10oz - Steve McCarthy,42lb - Bazza Reah, 40lb 8oz - Bazza Reah, 40lb 8oz - Mick Bailey, 40lb 2oz - Mick Bailey, 41lb - Steve McCarthy, 40lb x 2 - Steve McCarthy Also - 39lb 8oz, 39lb 4oz, 38lb 12oz, 37lb x 2, 36lb x 2, 35lb 15oz, 35lb 14oz, 35lb 8oz, 34lb 12oz, 34lb, 33lb 4oz, 30lb And - 29lb 6oz, 29lb 4oz.
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 1st May 2010 - Sat 8th May 2010 6 20 3 1 30 33 lb
What a difference a week makes in France when it comes to the weather. We can not believe it went from 30 degrees last week to minus 5 with the wind chill, and even snowed on Wednesday. It was freezing and raining, and we really felt for our poor 5 anglers in their bivvies. They made the most of it though, and Colin made sure they warmed up in the lodge with his steaming and tasty dinners. Even with the abysmal weather, they still managed 31 Carp to a total of 1,048.62lb, which is brilliant considering. - A 52lb, 44lb, 41lb,40lb. Also - 39lb x 2, 38lb 2oz, 38lb, 36lb 2oz, 36lb x 2, 35lb 12oz, 35lb 8oz, 35lb 4oz, 35lb 2oz, 34lb 2oz, 33lb x 3, 32lb 8oz, 31lb 3oz, 30lb 4oz, 30lb x 2. And - 29lb 8oz, 28lb 2oz, 28lb, 26lb 8oz, 25lb 2oz, 23lb
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 24th Apr 2010 - Sat 1st May 2010 9 39 16 2 1 67 34.4 lb
FIRST 60LB'ER We are over the moon as the lake has produced our first 60lb'er. Our anglers who have visited us for the past 3 years, have always caught well, but this particular week, they have had the best week ever - absolutely awesome. They had been worried as to whether they would be able to travel here because of the Volcanic Ash problem, but if they had not, they would have missed the week of all weeks. They are absolutely shattered because rather than the carp spawning as we believed they might, they did not stop feeding day and night, hence no good kip for the boys all week. Do you think they care - no way, they are one extremely happy group. They had a catch altogether of 71 Carp to a total of 2,443lb 5oz. 60lb 12oz, 57lb 4oz, 52lb 8oz. The sixteen 40's are:- 47lb 8oz, 44lb 4oz, 43lb x 2, 42lb 8oz x 2, 42lb 4oz, 42lb, 41lb 12oz, 41lb x 3, 40lb 8oz x 2, 40lb x 2. Thirty nine 30's are:-. 39lb 12oz, 39lb x 2, 38lb, 37lb 12oz, 37lb x 2, 36lb x 2, 35lb 8oz x 2, 35lb 4oz x 2, 35lb x 5, 34lb 12oz, 34lb x 3, 33lb 12oz, 33lb x 2, 32lb 8oz, 32lb 4oz x 4, 32lb x 4, 31lb 10oz, 31lb 6oz, 31lb, 30lb x 2. Nine 20's are:- 29lb 14oz, 28lb 8oz, 28lb 4oz, 28lb x 2, 27lb 8oz, 26lb 8oz, 26lb 4oz, 23lb. All caught on Carp Company Natural Impact Boilies and High Protein pellet. I think you will all agree, that this is a very impressive catch list, and we hope that it is set to continue throughout the Season. To catch this amount of carp on a 12 acre lake is phenomenal. All the carp are growing at a tremendous rate now, and are in stunning and fantastic condition. So many new 40's as well, so we look forward to a few more 50's and even another 60. Bring it on!
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Wed 21st Apr 2010 - Fri 23rd Apr 2010 6 8 1 15 31.14 lb
Unfortunately, due to the Volcanic ash, and much to their great disappointment, the anglers booked on Lac Les Pins for this week could not travel. Luckily, we have managed to reallocate them later. Consequently, as the weather was so nice, Colin, Baz, and friend Paul decided to do a two day stint fishing. Catches were pretty good for the two days. 15 Carp caught - 42lb, 39lb, 35lb x 2, 34lb x 2, 33lb Common, 31lb 12oz, 31lb 12oz Common, 27lb x 4, 23lb, 22lb
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 10th Apr 2010 - Sat 17th Apr 2010 3 7 9 19 37.24 lb
Weather starting to warm up now, but even though sunny, there was a biting wind all week, and not much activity during the day. It turned out a great week though for our guys from Surrey - regulars for 4 years. They had 19 carp between them, including one new 40lb 4oz beautiful Common. 49lb, 45lb 4oz, 44lb, 43lb 4oz, 42lb 8oz, 41lb 12oz, 40lb 4oz, 40lb 4oz Common, 40lb 1oz 39lb, 38lb 6oz, 34lb 4oz, 33lb 14oz, 32lb 4oz, 31lb 8oz, 30lb 29lb 12oz, 28lb, 24lb 4oz Total weight 707.48lb.
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 3rd Apr 2010 - Sat 10th Apr 2010 2 12 1 15 34.48lb
A very slow week again for our guys from the Isle of Wight. Mostly rain with one day of brilliant sun - still not enough to warm the waters. After the worst Winter for 30 years, catch reports are pretty much the same throught this region. Plenty of carp showing but moving now to deeper water. Jamie Kendall still managed to bag a 41lb 14oz and there was nothing under 27lb. 41lb 14oz 38lb 2oz, 38lb, 37lb, 36lb 8oz x 2, 36lb, 35lb, 34lb 8oz, 34lb, 32lb, 31lb 11oz, 30lb 2oz 29lb 14oz, 27lb 14oz. A few fish lost, and a total weight of 517lb. 33oz caught.
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 27th Mar 2010 - Sat 3rd Apr 2010 4 16 5 25 34.36 lb
A lot more activity this week. Rain most of the time with the odd intermittent sunny interval. We had a great bunch of 4 guys from Darlaston in the Midlands, regulars of ours for 3 years and they always make sure they have the best of times whatever. They were such great fun and had an amazing week, considering it was still one week before the actual start of our Season. Craig McEvoy had four 40's - two new ones, and Richard Shaw also with a new 40. 25 carp in all, equating to 859lb. 44lb 8oz (Mini me), 41lb, 40lb 8oz x 3, 37lb 4oz, 35lb x 2, 34lb 12oz, 33lb 15oz, 33lb 4oz x 2, 33lb 2oz, 33lb, 32lb 12oz, 32lb 4oz, 32lb x 2, 31lb 12oz, 30lb 4oz, 30lb, 29lb 12oz, 28lb 14oz, 27lb, 26lb 4oz. And a stunning original Linea at 12lb 4oz - a beautiful fish.
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 20th Mar 2010 - Sat 27th Mar 2010 1 2 2 5 42.6 lb
We started the Season this year 2 weeks early, and after an extended Winter, the lake still had not reached a warm enough temperature for the carp to want to show their faces. Consequently, fishing at the beginning of the week was extremely slow. Then low and behold, Ian Driver had his personal best and the new lake record of 58lb (Matey), then Carl Sullivan went on to have his personal best of 57lb 4oz. A 35lb, a 34lb and a 29lb were also caught. Although not many fish in this week, the guys were ecstatic at their great catches, what they lacked in quantity more than made up for in size.
Yearly Fish Log
Date 20lb 30lb 40lb 50lb 60lb 70lb 80lb Total Average Weight
Sat 4th Apr 2009 - Sat 31st Oct 2009 249 400 32 18 699 35lb

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