• Will George 82lbs
  • Stuart Hobkirk 65lb 8 oz
  • Steve Malone 63lb 12oz
  • Rick Harris 62lb
  • Martin Quayle 61lb
  • Kevin Knowles 61lb
  • Mark Allan 60lb
  • Jamie Dunn 52lb

Lac Les Pins Carp Fishing Lake

Lac les Pins means Lake of Pines and is set amongst Pine Trees  in a most stunning and idyllic rural location, where you will be able to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation it offers. The lake is in a very secluded location, but you may spot a deer at sunrise or sunset, visiting and drinking from the lake. We have yet to see a wild boar, they are possibly hiding in the surrounding enclosed mature woodland, but there is plenty of other wildlife around to give that added feel of getting back to nature.

Our 12 Acre lake, with depths that run from 5ft - 15ft is stream fed, so there is no need to worry about these depths diminishing during droughts or long periods of extreme hot weather.  Recently, there have been a few lakes that have lost large quantities of fish during this hot weather due to oxygen levels diminishing.  Although we have never had this problem, in the event of extreme temperatures in the future, we are taking delivery of two aerators for the main lake at the end of April - better to be safe than sorry. 

The water quality is superb, with plenty of natural food resources, although we have been supplementing our fish during the Winter months with specialised protein pellet in order to increase their growth.

There are 5 different specimens of Carp in the lake, many beautifully scaled, including full Linears, as well as some stunning Commons and originals with beautiful markings.

We have continued our stocking programme by introducing in excess of 200 Carp (Mirrors and Commons) into the lake and stock pond. Our most recent new batch was in November 2013, when we introduced another 30 stunning carp.  The last batch of 35 carp in 2009 have now grown phenominally well into their 40's and 50's

There is also a 1/4 acre stock pond which has been excavated to a depth of 5ft - 8ft in order for us to rear our own stock.

We rest our waters during the Winter months from November until April, so as to add nutrients, de-stress our carp and make sure they are all in superb condition for re-opening at the start of the Season. Up to now the growth rate has been phenomenal. We treat our fish with the greatest respect and expect all our anglers to do the same.

The swims are accessible from all sides, we do not believe in overcrowding so we have decided not to permit more than six anglers on at any one time, in order to allow our fishermen the maximum scope and manoeuvrability. Any snags that were in the lake were removed at the last vidange in November 2007 - thus leaving the lake snag free.  There are no Poisson Chat in the lake.

For our angler's comfort, we have now erected two wooden double cabins on the Med and Riviera Swims.  These swims are not as protected from the elements as are the ones on the other side of the lake, so now our anglers can really enjoy their experience at Lac Les Pins come driving rain, electric storms, high winds or blazing sunshine.

Two new double cabins (slightly larger) are also now erected on the Bay Swim, so only the Quarry and Dam Swims still retain single bivvies.

Log Cabins on on the Med and Riviera Swims  View from Inside the Log Cabins


Although we carry out the majority of our maintenance work over the Winter months, please bear in mind that in order to keep our lake and grounds in superb tip-top condition, a certain amount of grass cutting and strimming may need to be undertaken for short periods during your stay. We normally try to do this whilst you are at breakfast or dinner, so that it will not be too much of a nuisance to you.

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Lac Les Pins Carp Fishing Lake
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