• Will George 82lbs
  • Stuart Hobkirk 65lb 8 oz
  • Steve Malone 63lb 12oz
  • Rick Harris 62lb
  • Martin Quayle 61lb
  • Kevin Knowles 61lb
  • Mark Allan 60lb
  • Jamie Dunn 52lb

Terms & Rules for Lac Les Pins Carp Fishing Lake (Please read carefully)

Terms and Rules

  • We can not save bookings without receipt of your deposit within 2 weeks. 
  • Your holiday is confirmed by us in writing upon receipt of the your deposit and Booking Form.
  • Deposits are non refundable and non transferrable.
  • Bivvies are to be vacated by 10.00 am to allow preparation for new arrivals.
  • If it is necessary to alter your confirmed booking to another date, we will try to accommodate you if at all possible.
  • You will be expected to pay the balance of your holiday in EUROS on arrival at the lake.
  • We accept no responsibility in respect of flight delays or cancellations due to weather, strikes, terrorism, or any events beyond our control . You must ensure that you have all the relevant up to date travel documents.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your holiday if you are causing harm or nuisance to other people, or to the grounds, property or lakes that are Lac les Pins, without compensation or refund to you. If you cause damage, you will be liable for any replacement costs.
  • You are expected to take reasonable care of all hired equipment, and leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of your holiday.
  • Our liability to you will not exceed the amount paid to us for your holiday. You must take all the necessary steps to safeguard your own personal safety. We accept no liability for any death or personal injury, unless this results from our own negligence.
  • We require a holding charge of £100 (payable on arrival). This will be returned when all appropriate checks of equipment have been made. An appropriate sum will be deducted if any equipment is damaged.
  • In the unlikely event of any complaint, this must be reported to the Bailiff on site direct or put in writing no more than 7 days after your holiday.
  • We accept your deposit and Booking Form on the understanding that you have read these Terms and Conditions

We totally recommend that you carry travel insurance as adequate protection for yourself and your belongings against theft, damage or injury. Also you should have an up to date passport and an E.H.I.C (European Health Insurance Card), as Insurance is not included in your Holiday.

Booking with us signifies that you accept full responsibility, and that Lac Les Pins is fully exempt from any claims whatsoever. If you should happen to have an accident or fall ill, French medical treatment is very expensive, and you will be expected to pay the full amount.

Fishing Rules

Please read carefully, as any infringement of these rules will result in your being asked to leave the venue immediately, with no reimbursement.
  • NEW RULE - Our Carp are now growing at an amazing rate, so in order to protect them from damage or even death. 
  • FROM NOW ON - ALL photographs of Carp MUST be taken in the lake up to waist height.  You have the choice of whether to photograph the smaller fish. The Carp are only allowed onto the bank for hook removal and treatment of any sores with Klinik or equivalent
  • Please land fish from the platforms, and not from the banks to stop injury to them
  • All fish caught must stay in the landing net until the mats are wet, the scales are zeroed, and the cameras are ready
  • All Carp are to be returned to the lake as soon as possible
  • Unhooking mats to be used at all times, and ensure that the mats are kept cool and out of the sun
  • NO BARBED, MICRO-BARBED, BENT OR CRUSHED HOOKS ALLOWED - this is getting serious now as we are still getting reports of carp tangled up with line, rigs and barbed hooks still attached - DO NOT BRING THESE IN YOUR TACKLE BOX
  • NO keep nets or carp sacks
  • NO artificial baits ie plastic, rubber etc other than normal pop ups
  • NO particle baits (ie tiger nuts/peanuts/maize)
  • BAIT - Absolutely NO Shelf Life Bait.  Only Carp Company, Richworths Ultra Plex or Essential Shellfish B5 Baits allowed.  Use of our pellet only
  • DO NOT bring or use any dips or glugs which are not fit for human consumption as this is now a breach of EU Regulations
  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES  put salt in any ground bait, pellet etc as an additive
  • NO fixed leads. Maximum size of leads - 3oz. 
  • NO Zig rigs allowed
  • Lead core is permitted and safety zone type leaders- none to exceed 70cm maximum
  • NO Shock Leaders permitted
  • Minimum 15lb breaking strain line
  • Soft hook links are restricted to Kryston Merlin, Rigmarole Soft Braid and Nash Triggerlink - NO other soft hook links to be used
  • Stripping back to only 4ml on coated braid hook line
  • NO braided lines
  • NO rods left unattended at any time
  • NO fishing by non-anglers
  • NO litter (including dog-ends and used tea bags) 
  • NO bottles brought onto the lake
  • NO fires under any circumstances
  • NO taking of gas burners into the bivvies or cabins - these are a FIRE HAZARD AND CAN CAUSE CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING
  • ABSOLUTELY NO smoking in the bivvies, cabins or service areas
These rules are to ensure that our fish and lake are kept in superb condition, and to make every angler's holiday perfect.  We do not want it upset by the very few anglers who flout these rules, so if you do not think that you can abide by them, then please do not book Lac Les Pins.
Thank You.

Lac Les Pins Limougin France
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